GTO Greater Good is the nonprofit, 501(c)(3), arm of Greater Than One, an employee owned and diverse, advanced media marketing and technology agency, focused in healthcare.

“It’s an effort of the greater collective to give back. It’s the vehicle by which we create change.”

Elizabeth Izard Apelles, President and CEO of Greater Than One

We offer rare disease advocacy groups the ability to create dedicated storefronts through Honeycomb Health so they can raise needed money for their research. These storefronts are created, managed, and hosted free of charge.

Honeycomb Health is part of GTO Greater Good Inc, a 501(c)(3), which is the foundation of Greater Than One Inc. Greater Good’s EIN number is 47-4673881. is created by and managed by Greater Than One. We are the industry’s advanced media marketing and technology agency built for how customers experience health and wellness today. We work tirelessly to help those in need.